City of Chelan, Washington Adopts WUI Code

October 2017. In response to recommendations from CPAW, the City of Chelan, Washington has adopted a Wildland Urban Interface Code.

In 2016, Chelan participated in the CPAW program following its recovery from the 2015 Chelan Complex fires, which burned multiple homes and businesses and significantly affected the tourism-based economy. CPAW provided nine recommendations to assist the City of Chelan in becoming better fire-adapted, including the recommendation to adopt a Wildland Urban Interface Code. Since then, stakeholders in the City of Chelan have continued to work on implementing CPAW recommendations. After a series of meetings, the City Council voted in October 2017 to adopt a Comprehensive Code amendment, which includes the Washington State WUI Code. The City’s next steps are to adopt ordinance, provide education to the public, and train staff.

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