Austin Wildfire Symposium

May, 2019. Austin, Texas Fire Department Wildfire Division hosted its seventh annual Wildfire Symposium, bringing together more than 130 fire personnel, community leaders, and homeowners to share strategies and explore opportunities for wildfire resilience. CPAW team member, Kelly Pohl provided the keynote address on Socioeconomic Tools for Wildfire Resilience. She highlighted the Austin Wildfire and Vulnerable Populations Tool, designed by Headwaters Economics to help support land use planners, fire personnel, elected officials, community health organizations, disaster response organizations, and others to identify areas where vulnerable populations and wildfire threat intersect. She also shared land use planning tools to improve wildfire resilience. Additional speakers shared information about wildfire risk in Austin, Austin’s changing demographics, strategies for strength-based community building, and neighborhood examples from Austin’s Firewise Alliance.¬†Download the presentation.