Boise, Idaho

The rapidly growing City of Boise, Idaho is located in a sage steppe ecosystem susceptible to fast-moving fires, especially in its rugged Foothills. The community has experienced several destructive wildfires including the Oregon Trail Fire (2008) that burned ten homes and resulted in loss of life and the Highway 16 Fire (2009) that burned four homes and damaged 60 others. With its continued growth and fire history, Boise is prioritizing wildfire mitigation.  The CPAW team has begun work to review the city’s current wildland-urban interface regulations and will offer suggestions for improvement.


  • 2017 CPAW Community
  • Population (2014): 214,196
  • Growth Rate (2000-2015): 15.3%
  • Fuel Type: dry grassland, sagebrush, bitterbrush