Baker County, Florida

Baker County is situated in the northeast portion of Florida and is characterized by extensive wildland-urban interface (WUI). Nearly the entire population of the county, or 95 percent of the 28,000 residents, live in the WUI. Baker County’s WUI also includes vast federal and state forested lands, comprising 44 percent of the county.

Florida, together with its northern neighbor Georgia, has some of the highest wildfire risk in the country. At the same time, population growth in the state is projected to substantially increase in coming decades. As more people migrate into the state, pressure to develop the WUI and wildfire-prone areas also increases.

Baker County was selected to participate in CPAW in 2020. Over the next year, the county will receive land use planning recommendations regarding development in high wildfire hazard areas. In particular, CPAW services will identify improvements to access, water supply, and other standards in the WUI.


  • 2020 CPAW Community
  • Population: 27,938
  • Growth Rate (2000-2018): 27%
  • Fuel Type: pine, oak, cypress, red maple